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Chasteberry Extract

Chasteberry can help women reduce PMS (Pre-menstrual syndromes) symptoms such as cramps, headache, bloating, tenderness in the breast, etc by balancing the hormones. Breakouts of acne that are related to the menstrual cycle can also be eased.

Angelica Extract

Angelica helps to regulate menstrual cycle while relieving menstrual pain and discomforts. Preliminary research has found that Angelica may help increase the production of red blood cells, making a remedy for anemia.

Ginger Extract

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties to promote quick relief for discomforts such as cramps. It also helps to regulate blood sugar level both by stimulating pancreas cells to release insulin and by lowering lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) in the blood.


L-Theanine is derived from green tea extract. It has calming properties which aids in reducing tension and stress during your period.

Black Sugar

Black sugar is derived from sugar canes and contains more nutritional value (10 times more calcium and 3.6 times more iron) than regular white sugar. Black sugar helps in promoting blood circulation and gives an extra boost of energy.

Ferric Pyrophosphate

It replenishes iron loss during menstruation, preventing weakness and fatigue.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex helps energy release, relieves pain, regulate mood and reduces anxiety. It also helps in the reduction of bloating since it is a natural diuretic.


Other then enhancing the taste, cocoa has many health benefits. According to Harvard researchers, cocoa can help to improve blood vessels health and cholesterol level.

Malt Extract

Other than enhancing the taste, malt extract is also a source of nutrition and energy. Malt extracts contain a wide range of amino acids due to conversion during extraction and so is readily absorbed by the body.